Synchronise Items

Publishing Items

To publish a product to a webshop (i.e. syncing product data of BC with the webshop), navigate to Product Information Mgt. > Catalog > Items.

This page below will then appear. On this page you can enrich your items with relevant webshop data.


To publish items to the webshop, simply check the field 'Publish to Webshop' for the record you want to send.

For most webshops, when an item has successfully been synchronized, the field 'Webshop Product ID' will be filled with the ID that the webshop has assigned to this item. Not every e-commerce platform sends back an ID, however. Sometimes this is a boolean value and for Shopware you receive a GUID value, which the connector stores.

A note on Magento: certain fields are required to set up within BC before you can successfully publish a product. Mainly, defining an Attribute Set and choosing the right product type in the Web Item Extension table.

Download Items

If you already have an existing webshop with products set up, you can use the connector to download this data to BC as well. This is done through one of the pre-defined Message Definitions that can be found in the Synchronization Dashboard. The main import is the download of product data to the TINX Webshop Product table (11205274), a buffer table where product relations are kept between BC and the webshop.

To download items, go the dashboard and activate and process the XX-018 message. 

If in the webshop a non matching sku is used for the Item No. in BC, make sure you set the right Item No. in the table Tinx Product.

Important fields to validate in the table TINX Product when importing the data from the webshop:

  • SKU -> In combination with seperator on Sales Channel, this will split the SKU in an Item No. and variant Code.
  • Is Downloaded -> this will complete some of the additional webshop information