Adding MplusKASSA database to Tinx developer Account

When using the Tinx connector to connect with MplusKASSA, key information is needed of the by the Mplus partner. This information has to be added to the Tinx developer account for proper configuration.

Please contact your local dealer to add the customer account to the Tinx account. You can also reach out to Our developer account name is: Tinx-IT

When the above is settled, inform us so we can give you the credentials needed for setup.


Tinx Sales Channel

Once received, add the information from Mplus to the Tinx Sales Channel in Business Central.

Field Description
Website Enter the API url like:
API Endpoint Enter the API url + secret information
Username Username from MplusKASSA
Password Password from MplusKASSA



MplusKASSA Integration Flows

When installing the Tinx connector app, our standard package includes the following pre-defined dashboards:

  • Receipts
  • Customers
  • Items / Stock
  • Financial Data


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