Magento / Adobe Commerce

Integration setup in Magento / Adobe

Log in to the backend of Magento.

There, head to System > Integrations. Click the button 'Add New Integration' on the right side of the screen.

Fill in the 'Integration Info' (mainly the Name and your Magento user password) and then click on 'API' in the left column. A list of 'Available APIs' shows up. Please select 'All' in 'Resource Access' and click on 'Save'.


After saving, you will need to activate the integration. Click on Activate in the overview screen of integrations. Once selected, another popup will show asking you to confirm giving access to the API. Select Allow in the rop right and a final popup will show with the Integration Tokens.

For the Tinx connector we need the Access Token, which is used as a bearer token in BC. Save these values someplace safe.


Tinx Sales Channel

Go to Business Central and open the Sales Channel page. Enter the website URL and the Bearer Token.