Integration setup in Shopware

Log into your Shopware backend. Go to Settings > System > Integrations.

Click 'Add Integration'.

Give the Integration an useful name, check the field 'Administrator' to give it all permissions which are available.


Write down the Access key ID and the Secret Access key (in Notepad) for later use in BC.


Tinx Sales Channel

Go to the Shopware Sales Channel page and enter the information from the previous step here.

Field Description
Client ID Access key ID from Shopware
Client Secret Secret access key from Shopware


Based on these two fields a Bearer and Refresh Token will be generated.

When copying the Shopware URL into the 'Website' field, be sure to remove the slash "/" at the end of the URL, or the connection won't work.


The refresh token is valid for 10 minutes. In Business Central, the result of this call is stored in the 'Webshop API Session' table. You can view the Bearer Token there as well, by selecting View Bearer Token.



API Documentation

Admin API:

Store API: