Customer Templates


When importing web customers and creating multiple customer cards in Business Central, using a template can speed things up.

By using a customer template, you have the system pre-fill values on the cards that are created, such as the number series, posting groups and payment methods.

The Tinx connector extends this functionality in various ways. One can assign a template to be used during creation based on the following values:

  • Group ID
  • Sales Channel
  • Vat No. Available
  • Country
  • Region/State
  • Website

As an example, if your company sells products to multiple countries, then likely posting groups differ per country. If you have different customer card needs, templates is a way to do that. Using the connector you can define based on the country code which template is used.


Now, if the connector downloads a new customer record from the webshop(s), values that are assigned on the template will be used for a new card.

The connector also fasicilates having different templates within the same country. Seen below, an example for a Shopify connector where three different templates are used for the same country, based on different combinations of Group ID and VAT.



You can create as many combinations as you'd like as long as it's a unique combination of values.


Note that mapping in the customer create message can overwrite the settings of the template, if desired and set up in that way.



  1. In order to work with multiple customer templates, head to Setup > E-Commerce Integration Setup. Then select the tab 'Customer Templates' and check the 'Use Extended Customer Template'. You can then choose which values to use.
  2. Having selected this option, head back to the main menu and go to Setup > Template > Extended Customer Templates. In this page, select which Sales Channel you are using and any other fields that you've chosen in step one. Additionaly, you'll need to select which Customer Template should be chosen for the combination of values you just filled in.