Price Container Table


Using price lists in BC in a difficult and complicated way, causes Tinx customers a lot of time and maybe problems sometimes, because they want to handle multiple criteria / fields like: start-end dates, price list code, lowest price etc.

Tinx has made it easier and more useful by creating a report “11205301”, this report can select the right price and add it in the TINX Price Container table (11205351). Based on the customer needs setting in their BC system, it will be easier to draw Tinx mapping determines the appropriate price and then syncs it with the webshop.

In the example below, item 100103 has multiple prices and in some cases a different price for the same price list code, which makes it difficult to determine which price to sync with the webshop through the Tinx connector.



Then the report will choose the correct report based on the customer's requirement, as a result in the price container table there is one price for each sales code.


How to set it up

Setup-->E-Commerce Integration Setup-->B2B Item Prices, then the report can choose the price based one the below:

  1. Unit Price: filter later on the lowest or highest price.
  2. Date Created: filter later on the latest/Earliest date created.
  3. Start-End Date: Filter later on the Start Date/ End Date.


The customer can filter on:

  1. Price List Code/ Assign-to No.
  2. Price source type "All customers, Customers, Customer Price Group, Customer Disc. Group, Etc".

On the Webshop product page, there is a field for "No. Of Container Prices".


This field will take the customer to the price container table to view the different prices related to that specific item.