Integration setup in Shopify

Log in to the Shopify backend, to create a new API integration.

Go to Apps > Sales Channels > Develop apps > Create an app.


Next, add the Integration and do the following.

  1. Add an app name, such as Dynamics 365 or Tinx.
  2. Add an App developer's contact details.
  3. Go to configuration > Admin API integration > Click on Configure.
  4. Admin API access scopes > check all the scopes that the Tinx app will need > Click Save.
  5. Go to API credentials > click Install App > Install.
  6. Copy the Admin API access token to Notepad.
  7. Copy the API key to Notepad as well.


Tinx Sales Channel

Open Business Central, go to the Shopify Sales Channel.

Enter the website URL and enter the keys you saved in Notepad to the fields Username and Password.


API documentation

Shopify delivers a REST Admin API for integrating software. 2 types of API are available:

The functional areas below are supported by the Tinx Connector:

  • Customers
  • Inventory
  • Metafield
  • Orders
  • Products