Order Events

Order Events

Order Events are used after importing and creating a Sales Header. With activating these setting you can further automate your pocesses within Business Central. You can find the settings on the Sales Channel page.

The settings are housed under the banner 'Order Events after Import'. This list shows checkboxes one can select to enable additonal functionality from the connector.

You can immediately release, post an order as invoice or shipment, release the warehouse shipment and many more.

These additional processes are based on a codeunit (11205756 TINX Order Function Mgt.) that is attached to the order creation message (XX-087).

When desired, select the option you'd like.


One can select multiple events at the same time.

If multiple events are used and a specific sequence is important, then select the 'Use Flow Priority' box at the top. Next, in the Sales Channel Card banner, go to Sales Channel > Order Posting Events and add the events you wish to use and a sort order.


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