Web Item Links

Linking products in webshops can lead to extra sales, as customers are nudged to check associated products whilst shopping for something else.

Using the Tinx connector, you can configure product links for your webshop. To set these up, go to the Webshop Item Page of a product and in the banner, select Links.

The following types of links are available:

  1. Cross-sell. Products with this type appear automatically in an end-customer's shopping cart. When a customer navigates to the shopping cart (after adding a product), the cross-sells block displays a selection of items marked as cross-sell items. Cross-sell items are similar to impulse buys such as magazines or candy, that one can find at cash registers in virtually all grocery stores.
  2. Up-sell. Products with this category are often viewed by customers as more ideal purchases than the product they are viewing. Often of higher quality, these products tend to have a higher profit margin and are more popular. These items appear on a product's info page.
  3. Related. Related products appear in the product info page as well, usually on the right side of a screen. Related products are meant to be purchased in addition to the item the customer is viewing. Examples would be additional laces when buying a shoe or a wax product for a rain jacket.
  4. Grouped. These products allow you to create a new product using one or more existing products in your store. The links are shown for a grouped product via the 'Associated Product' tab in the webshop.
  5. Custom Links 1 and 2. Use these to define your own link. Some examples would be 'installation' for products that need to be installed or 'maintenance' for products that require maintenance.


Open the 'Cross-sell, Related, Up-sells, or Grouped products' menu and choose the Sales Channel. In the Cross Item No. field, select the product you wish to use as one of the links above.