Web Text & SEO


Item web text is a brief, informative text that conveys essential details about specific products or services. These descriptions aid in efficient inventory management, support purchasing decisions, and enhance overall organizational communication and transparency. the customer can give his products the best commercial description by applying specific e-commerce titles, short and long descriptions per sales channel and supported by multiple languages.


Add long and short descriptions

Webshop Item card-->webshop-->Web Text & SEO -->choose the Sales Channel, and the Language Code -->Edit


Web text -->WebTextLines-->add description/Short Descriptions, then the customer can add the description with different format types "Bold,Underline, Italic etc".



To add description in a different way--> Lines-->HTML Editor, and then use the HTML Editor.


Define SEO-optimized meta-data for a product, such as meta-title and meta-description, to improving the customer website's visibility on search engines like Google. 

Blob for Web Text

This feature allows the customer to use unlimited description and support product by sales channels.

Setup--> E-commerce Setup--> Product catalog --> Use Blob Web Texts =on.

If you check this option in the setup, the Web Texts should be stored in Blob fields in the header instead of the Web Text Line table.