Message Definitions


A Message Definition is one of the key features of the Tinx-IT e-commerce connector. The role of the message defintions is to:

  • Define the composition which will generate JSON or XML messages that are exchanged between BC and the web shop
  • Map (align) the data fields between BC and the webshop e.g. connect the data fields between BC and the webshop

For every webshop integration we will deliver out-of-the-box Message Definitions which are ready to use. These pre-defined Message Definitions are available after activating the Tinx app.

Create Custom Definition

Custom message definitions can be created in two ways:

  • Edit a pre-defined message definition
  • Create a new Message Definition

If the structure is the same you can use the 'Copy function' within a Message Definition.

Retrieve Existing Lines

Sometimes you want to filter some data before you create it as a new record in a table. This feature is mostly used at an order import. What are the principles of this mechanism?


  1. Check the field 'Retrieve Existing Lines', fill the field 'Copy Into Table', select the right Table No.  in to which the data should be copied.
  2. On 2 levels you should add links between the parent & child table:
    1. Copy Links: This is the link between the parent table and the source table where the data is in
    2. Links: Assign the Link between the target table and the parent table. (In case of order: Document Type = Document Type, Document No.= No.)

Inbound Messages
If you want to import values from a generic section like meta_data or custom_attributes, you can use this set-up:

Depending it's XML or JSON format you should use '/'  or a '.' for the value.