Release - May 2024


Message Field Condition Statements

It is now possible to use different statements (i.e. IF, OR, AND) in combination when adding a condition to a field in the mapping.



GraphQL tables in configuration packages

When creating a configuration package of mapping, table TINX GraphQL Query (11205930) is now added to the pack as well.

Sync Customer from Customer Card

It is now possible to force a customer sync for a specific customer by checking the 'Synchronize' button on the E-Commerce tab on a BC Customer Card.



Stopping and restarting Tinx jobs from within Synchronization Dashboard

From now it is possible to manually stop or restart the Tinx jobs (e.g. TINX Inbound Mgt.) from within a Tinx job.


Example of the Magento order dashboard:

API customer card errors after upgrade BC24

In a rare situation when a Microsoft Business Central environment was upgraded to version BC24, an error resulted in duplicate fields on teh Customer Card page, resulting in conflicts of first and third-party apps. This has been resolved.


TINX Amazon Sales Order Lines editable

The TINX Amazon Sales Order Lines table (11205381) is now editable. This allows, for example, one to change the ERP Item No. to a different or correct Item No. if this was not available in BC when the web order lines were initially downloaded.



Bulk Update MSI

When doing a bulk update of stock to Magento via the MSI method, the connector ran into an error with the response JSON. This has now been fixed.


Web Extension fields

There is now the possiblity to send two additional setting changes for items via the Web Extension (table and page 11205753):

  •  Enable Qty Increments (boolean)
  •  Qty Increments (integer)

These fields are part of inventory management and allows products to be taken in increments. Instead of 1, it can be 2, 5, etc.