Release 24.7.2 - July 2024


Search Tinx Tables without Tinx role

It should now be possible to search for Tinx tables without using the 'Tinx E-Com Admin' role. 


Edit List on page TINX Job List

We've added an Edit List button to the page that lists the Tinx jobs (in the dashboard). This allows for quicker changes of the Status, Processing Policy, Direction Type and/or Sales Channel settings.


Deletion of stock entries when deleting webshop products

When deleting entries in the webshop product table (TINX Product 11205274), related entries in the TINX Item Location Stock V2 table (11205354) were not automatically being deleted, as expected. This has been fixed.

Filtered Attributes per Sales Channel

From now on when selecting attributes for an attribute set in the Tinx menu, only those attributes are shown that are linked to the set. This instead of all attributes, regardless of attribute set.


Copy BC Attributes Feature

It is now easier to transfer data from the BC Item Attribute tables (Item Attribute 7500 and Item Attribute Value 7501) to the Tinx Attribute equivalents (TINX Attribute 11205755 and TINX Attribute Options 11205761).

To do so, a new new report (Copy BC Attributes to Tinx 11205845) must be run after a new setting on our Sales Channel Card is checked: Transfer BC Attributes.


For this two extra fields have been added, a boolean field to Item Attribute (7500) to define if an attribute should be used for configurable products as well as a biginteger field to the TINX Attribute table (11205755) for the BC Attribute Id.

When running he report, the below steps are executed.

  1. The following values are transferred to TINX Attribute (11205755)
    1. BC Attribute Id (100) = ID (1)
    2. Code (1), Field Name (2) and Magento Code (8) = Name (2).
    3. Field Data Type (3) = Type (7).
    4. Use To Create Configurable (20) = TINX Attribute Code (11205255)
    5. Source Type (73) = Existing Item Value
    6. Table No. (30) = 7501
    7. Identifier Field No. (31) = 2
    8. Field No. (28) = 3
    9. Table Item Attribute Value (50) = 7505
    10. Field No. Item Attribute Value (51) = 4
    11. Field No. Item No. Link (52) = 2
  2. An entry is added to TINX Attribute Option Filter (11205777):
    1. Field No. (4) = 1
    2. Filter Value (7) = Item Attribute (7500) > ID (1)
  3. An entry is added in TINX Attribute Filter (11205775):
    1. Field No. (4) = 1
    2. Filter Value (7) = 27

When the attribute already exists (for a specific sales channel) an update will happen when a change occurs in TINX Attribute (11205755):

  1. Code (1), Field Name (2) and Magento Code (8) = Name (2)
  2. Use To Create Configurable (20) = TINX Attribute Code (11205255)



Additional customer list parameters inbound job lines

For our Magento connector we've added the ability to add multiple different parameters to inbound requests. Examples for a customer list request would be: updated_at and account_is_activated. The date filter value 'CURRENTDATETIME' is now also available, besides TODAY.

Example of filter setup:



Metafield key value length

Fixed an issue where the length of the metafield key value field in the attribute card table (TINX Attribute (11205755)) did not match the variable (MetafieldKey) that was used in our code to save it. Now the value can have 30 characters, instead of 20.


Attribute metafield formula for products

When using the Tinx Attribute table (11205755) as a source to send metafields to Shopify, the formula option was only available for customer metafields. This has now been extended to also allow product metafields to be sent as well. An example would be tier pricing:

Tiered Prices [Metafield]
Namespace: tiered_prices
Key: prices

"price": 1.19,
"qty": 500},
"price": 0.98,
"qty": 1000
"price": 0.90,
"qty": 1500


Additional Shopify metafield fixes

It is now possible to also use the Item Unit of Measure table (5404) as a source for the Tinx Attribute table's (11205755) values, meaning you can use, say, the Qty. of a unit of measure and send that value to Shopify.

Furthermore, Boolean values were being sent as 'yes' and 'no', instead of 'true' and 'false'. This has been corrected.



Importing webshop products

When downloading webshop products from Amazon using the Tinx Amazon Products Import report previously we matched the <seller_sku> field from Amazon with the 'Magento SKU' field in BC. This is now changed allowing for a match between any field in the Item table and any field in the Amazon column.