Synchronisation Ledger Entries


All data exchanges from and to your Business Central platform are logged in the Synchronisation Ledger Entries of the Tinx connector.

To see these, navigate your way to History > Synchronisation Ledger Entries.

On this page, you can see a column 'Status', which gives you an indication if a message was able to be processed or resulted in an error (i.e. Status = 'Rejected'). In the latter case, the "Additional Information" window can show the cause of the error.

Publish to Webshop
You can choose to resend the information from the history to the web shop by pressing the function 'Publish to Webshop', under ‘Process’. The record will then be added to the Record Queue. This function can be useful when the Message Definition is changed, and you want to test these changes.


In the Entry action 2 functions are available

  • View Record: Open the Source Record which has beensent, so you can easily check the data for a certain entity
  • Message Definition: Open to the Message Definition to make adjustments in the data mapping.

Web Request
For each entry, you can open the Web Request. The Web Request contains all information which is sent to the web shop, shown in either JSON or XML.

Web Response
You can also open a Web Response, which is available when the web shop returns a message. It contains all information which was received by the web shop and indicates if communication was successful or not.


This option will open a tiny editor with the content of the web request or the web response.


This option will download  the content of the web request or the web response.





Message Definition