Job Queues

Job queues in Business Central enable users to schedule and run specific reports and units of code. You can set jobs to run one at a time, or on a recurring basis.

A job queue can have many entries, these entries being the jobs that the queue manages and runs. Information in the entry specifies what code unit or report is run, when and how often the entry is run, in what category the job runs, and how it runs.

Tinx Job Queue Entries for Communication

The Tinx jobs are labelled with the category code 'WEBSHOP'. Default these jobs are inserted to handle the communicton between BC and the webshop:

  • TINX NAS Inbound Mgt (Codeunit 11205263)
  • TINX Outbound Mgt (Codeunit 11205261)  

Other Tasks

  • Report 11205251: This will delete historical data, this will prevent the BC database of growing with unlimted data. In the E-Commerce Setup you can set the 'No. of Days' the data should be kept. This function needs to be scheduled once a day, at non-working hours.
  • Report 11205267: If it takes a long time before the payment is approved for a web order, you might schedule this report. This will reset the no. of checks, an order is checked.
  • Report 11205290: Check Finished/Error Jobs. If a webshop task run into an error, this report will reset the status of the tasks with Job Queue category code 'WEBSHOP';

Automatic Processing

Tasks scheduled in the Synchronisation Dashboard will be processed by the Job Queue if they have the following setup:

• Status must set to 'Released'
• Processing Policy must set 'On Timer'